I write in my non-professional life, a lot. Fast and furiously. 

Long fiction

Current projects: Novel #3 is set in a dystopian future where the fallout of climate change has led to the end of the world as we know it. To survive, anyone alive in the aftermath has to choose between clinging to old ways and dying a slow death or adapting and leaving everything they thought they knew behind.

Novel #2 is a mediation on the complexity of relationships and sexual identity as astrophysicist, Juliet, commences an affair with a female colleague. The moral implications of her actions become apparent when her terminally ill husband, Nicholas, finds out and, soon after, asks her to help him commit medically assisted suicide.

First novel: Léa Hendrickx exchanges her rural Belgian hometown for the bustling capital of Brussels, hoping to erase the scars of her provincial upbringing. It's an uneventful move until the day Léa gets involved with Mark Bishop, a Canadian diplomat stationed in Brussels. Set in Belgium, Canada, and the Belgian Congo, this multi-layered story of love, false expectations, generational trauma and identity serves as a reminder of the transformations that take place when we come to terms with our exquisite and very human score of shortcomings. 


In September 2017, I launched a blog to detail my flirtation with combat sports: Not Made of Glass.

While living in the Middle East I ran a food and travel site (2012 to 2015): For the Intolerants.