I write in my non-professional life, a lot. Fast and furiously. 

Long fiction

Current project: novel, set in British Columbia, Canada, is a mediation on the complexity of relationships and sexual identity. The story follows a female astrophysicist, Juliet, as she commences an affair with a female colleague, and the moral challenges she faces in helping her husband, Nicholas, commit medically assisted suicide.

Lukas, son of a Belgian aristocrat, is in love with Léa, a biracial woman desperate to escape her provincial upbringing. Unfortunately for Lukas, Léa is involved with Mark, a Canadian diplomat stationed in Brussels. Set in Belgium, Canada, and the Belgian Congo, this debut novel focuses on the transformations that take place when a series of extraordinary circumstances force three very ordinary people to come to terms with their exquisite and, very human, score of shortcomings. 


In September 2017, I launched a blog to detail my flirtation with combat sports: Not Made of Glass.

While living in the Middle East I ran a food and travel site (2012 to 2015): For the Intolerants.